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Debating Competition Success

Despite the fact that Covid has curbed many activities that would be routine and normal, the TY’s in Sancta Maria have found a way to capitalize on their new found time and resilience.

This year, Sancta Maria has once again taken part in the Concern Debating competition. 

While the competitions are not held, as they traditionally are, in host schools that are propositioning a motion, Concern were very quick to adapt allowing schools to partake via pre recorded debates and gave great support on how to prepare through a clever USB wristband.

Sancta Maria rose to the challenge of the adaptation and have started their quest to be debating winners. The first motion was “Criticism of the WHO over its handling of the Covid-19 pandemic is both  irresponsible and unfair” and this motion was assigned to TY1 while TY2, TY3 and the debating club will debate the other motions. 

Arising from this challenge, five astute students, a team of four and their chairperson, came to the fore and led Sancta Maria to victory in their opposition of the topic.

With Chairperson Mr. Myles O’Malley, Captain Ms. Anastasia McNicholas, second speaker Mr. Aaron Flynn, third speaker Mr. Eoin Lally and fourth speaker Mr. Joe Reidy, Sancta Maria romped home through their first round with an unanimous victory of 0-3 where all the judges went for them as the winners against their valiant opponents CBS Kilkenny.

The competition continues and the next three motions will be decisive as to who gets in the second round, but one thing is for sure: The TY’s of Sancta Maria are not letting the pandemic dampen their spirits or enthusiasm for learning or progressing. Well done to all involved.