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3D Printing PPE Equipment for Healthcare Workers

*Please email  if you wish to enquire about the equipment/donate material etc.

Two teachers at Sancta Maria College, Louisburgh have come up with an initiative to help support healthcare workers in Mayo by providing Personal Protective Equipment.

Liam Murphy and Bob Reaney, Materials Technology teachers, have committed to provide 1,500 protective face visors by using the equipment in our new school building.
They are using laser equipment along with a 3D printer and aim to produce 100 visors per day.
Based on an NHS-accepted open-source design, the visors
comprise acetate sheets supplied by Berry’s of Westport, who also provided the bagging materials, while supplementary material has been ordered from England.

This material was sourced by school principal Pauline Moran, who has given her full backing to the project.
Said Mrs Moran, “our teachers are using their skills in a time of need, which deserves full credit. Their active contribution
shows that they are good people with big hearts.”

Liam Murphy said he and his colleague responded to the general appeal by care workers who need protection to carry out their vital work. The products will be donated to Mayo University Hospital, Louisburgh Order of Malta and other local groups.
Sancta Maria College has already been proactive towards helping our frontline workers by donating PPE equipment from their science lab to local hospitals.